Building cranes

CoMeta provides a service of construction of medium or high-tonnage lifting machinery, that can be fixed or self-propelled: from the customer’s project to the turnkey delivery.

We have more than 40 years of experience in building industrial cranes for various contexts of use and furthermore we take care of the testing phase. Our first goal is to meet the needs of our customer: we stick closely to the customer’s projects, making our technical expertise available in order to be effective and to make better use of time.

Our job is to build complete machines and individual components. Moreover, we take care of the testing phase.

Our Mission
Technology at the service of effectiveness

Since our foundation, we have been carrying out an upgrade and training programme in order to adopt and implement the latest available technologies: our creations promote safety and longevity.

Our main strength is the ability to find smart solutions to every setback. The way we organise our work is characterised by flexibility and quick response: this allows us to work to the best of our abilities even if we are not in the best of conditions, ensuring in any case the quality of our creations and meeting the deadlines.



Product quality, service quality

The quality of our industrial cranes is not our only strength, we must not forget the effectiveness of our services.

The companies that turn to us can benefit from a complete after-sales service: some specialised teams are available to solve any possible problem.

We provide our 40 years of experience in order to make the transport as easy and as safe as possible, keeping the logistical costs down and meeting the customer’s needs.