Our Philosophy
Offshore cranes: shipbuilding industry and boats of all sizes

CoMeta works in the construction of components for the shipbuilding industry. We implement solutions for: hatches, boarding stairs and rudders of any kind.

Our commitment in terms of technical preparation and technological advance brought us to become the reference point for every company working in this specific sector. We provide our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment in order to meet all the technical needs of the customer. We always work with the main registers of shipping and we have various certifications and skills (EN, ASME and AWS) for structural steel components and high elastic limit steel components.

Our Mission
Smart solution to every setback

There can be setbacks during the construction of an offshore crane: thanks to the organisation of our work, based on flexibility and quick response, we are able to handle any situation, meeting the deadlines and without compromising the quality of the product.

We maintain the same approach even in the phase of assistance: our customers can benefit from a technical team specialised in solving any possible critical issue.

Safety First
A technical team you can turn to

Our job is to give shape to the customer’s project and to make it effective.

We do that taking into account the technical feasibility of the production, the context of use and the compliance with the parameters of the law in terms of safety. We work in order for our customer to trust us completely: we ensure the highest standards of confidentiality and availability and our customer can constantly oversee how the work is progressing.