Who we are
CoMeta: turnkey assembly of complete machines

CoMeta deals with the assembly and the construction of complete machines or parts thereof, on behalf of third parties.

Our range of expertise and the permanent update makes it possible for us to develop solutions during the whole production process, from raw metal to finished components and functional structures.

A 100% reliable team

We provide every customer with a perfect team, able to meet every technical need in the automation process, such as:

  • Reduction in the time taken
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Reduction in workforce
  • Greater continuity and precision of the quality standards
  • Continuous standardisation of the performance

We use the most recent mechanical, electric and information technologies in order to improve industrial processes, with perfectly separate and equipped areas, for every specific phase of the project.

The construction process of complete machines may include modifications, setbacks and bumps in the road, that’s why we plan our job focusing on flexibility and quick response. This makes it possible for us to deal with any possible setback, without leading to delays and without compromising the quality of our machines.

safety first
Creating complete machines starting from your project

We create every system starting from the project the customer gave us and from the characteristics of the context of use.

The companies that turn to us benefit from regular advice in every phase of the job: from the preliminary analysis to the configuration of the systems and the testing phase.