We build
special machines
for your company
We are the perfect partner for the creation of special machines,
industrial cranes and boat cranes:
an operating arm at the service of your projects.

Assembly of complete machines

We deal with the assembly and the construction of complete machines or parts thereof, on behalf of third parties.
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Construction of industrial cranes

We provide a service of construction of medium or high-tonnage industrial cranes, with turnkey delivery.
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Boat and offshore cranes

We build cranes for docks, platforms and every kind of boat.
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about us
At the service of your project
First of all, we are executors: our job is to give concrete shape to the projects of our customer, providing the highest standards of reliability and confidentiality.
We provide a team of experts, characterised by flexibility and quick response: setbacks can happen, our job is to find a solution.

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    Our mission
    We solve your setbacks, meeting your deadlines.

    We have more than 40 years of experience: since 1974 we have been working on projects of steelwork, equipment and medium-size and large special machines, with a management system that includes the following control systems:

    • VT – Visual and Dimensional Testing
    • PT – Liquid Penetrant Testing
    • MT – Magnetic Testing
    • UT – Ultrasonic Testing
    • RT – Radiographic Testing
    our works
    Meet our incredible projects

    For large or small projects, when you work with Cometa you know you will get a complete solution. We work to offer a simplified and rapid construction process, with the versatility to reach your design.